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Owner Surrender Process

Sometimes an owner may need to give up their corgi for various reasons. It is in the best interest of the pet to be surrendered into rescue instead of a local shelter. A rescue will evaluate the corgi and work on any training problems the dog may be experiencing. Some shelters will only hold a pet for a short time before disposing of it. 

At Corgi Rescue of Eastern New York, we will assure you that your pet will find a forever home that is pre-approved and a good placement for the corgi and the new owner. All applicants are interviewed, reference and vet checked and home visits are made.  Selections are based on the needs of the corgi, not the need of the applicant. 

To surrender your corgi, please complete this online Owner Surrender Agreement. Someone from corgi rescue will be in phone contact with you to further understand the need for surrender and arrange to take the dog into rescue. 

You will need to provide vet records including shots, neuter/spay and any medications your corgi currently is taking.


Owner Surrender Agreement   -  Word document

Owner Surrender Agreement  -  PDF

Download the form to your computer, save it, complete the form,

save then attach to an email and send to address on the form.