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Ricky- Adopted November 18, 2011

Ricky is one special little corgi. He has found his way into the home and hearts of a wonderful family in CT.  His new human sister will bring Ricky along on her travels to her pony competitions. He has a pug for a fur sibling and a big brother to take him out for walks and to play with. We are thrilled that Ricky will have a wonderful life and kids to play with.


Teagan- Adopted November 18, 2011

Rochester has a new corgi in town! Teagan has the cutiest face with a charming floppy ear.  He will be charming his new fursiblings and teaching them how to behave now that there is a new corgi king in the house!  Ron and Mary are a wonderful couple who has so much love to share with Teagan.  Best of luck to all of you!


Skippy- Adopted November 6, 2011

This adorable boy skipped his way from surrender right to the arms of his new dad in Westchester county of NY.  He is the sweetest little corgi and now has a whole apartment building to charm.  We know that he is in the best hands with Ray and wish they both many wonderful and happy days together.

Brodie- Adopted November 8, 2011

Brodie came to CRENY and into the home of his foster dad, Steve. It was not 24 hours when things started to become very clear that Brodie was teaching his foster dad how to be a real corgi dad.  Within a few days the call came..."can we keep him?!"  Well of course!  Brodie and his new dad were become inseparable.  They share their home with their friend Weston and Brodie needed to teach him how to be a corgi dad as well. He is such a wonderful teacher!  All that in a cute 2 y/o corgi wiggling package.  Love to all of you!


Missy- Adopted July 28, 2011

Missy Miss is such a beautiful young girl. She has charmed her way into all our hearts. Missy is happily living in MA with a new fur brother Elron who is a pup like her!  Her new human parents are Penney and Joe, along with their 2 sons are taking Missy on walks several times a day and teaching her how to be a proper corgi lady!  Love to all of you!

Finn- Adopted June 20, 2011

Cannoli earned a new name - Finn.  He has made his way to a beautiful Berkshire Mountain farm with Heather and her daughter Maggie.  He is so happy to have 2 corgi siblings, Eppe the queen of the farm and one of our rescue alumni Bennie!!  Bennie is charged with teaching Finn, a young pup the ropes of the farm.  Finn is doing quite well on his farm chores. He also assists in the summer theatre program  directed by Maggie and Heather for young inspiring girls.  Happy times for everyone!


Trevor- Adopted May 7, 2011 (Rainbow Bridge)

Trevor is in a wonderful home with his new corgi dad, Jim.  They immediately fell for each other. Trevor is the only dog in a huge house with lots of friendly people to give him love and attention. He and Jim live in a senior apartment facility in the beautiful Adirondacks.  He has many walking trails outside his door with pretty gardens and trees.  He will surely be in great hands there. High paws to you Trevor.

Forrest- Adopted January 31, 2011

Forrest is growing into a handsome and sweet little corgi.  He was a stray on Long Island NY and now is happy on a horse farm in Eastern Massachusetts with Laney.  He now has many fur friends that have much longer legs than Forrest.  He is learning his manners and most important that people do love him.  He will always be a part of my heart. I wish him and Laney lots of happiness and love.

Diggy - Adopted January 21, 2011

Diggy, the traveling corgi has been to MD, PA, NY and now is settling in VT. He met his new parents Maggie and Keith, and they all just bonded so well together. He has a fur brother named Duke and a floppy ear bunny named Bear to play around with.  We are sure that he will have lots to bark about to all his foster moms and dad if he ever travels this way again.  We wish you all happy trails and lots of veggies!

Rusty - Adopted October 24, 2010

Rusty came to CRENY from a shelter in upstate NY where he spent quite some time. He is now living a grand life with Mary Ann and Carl in MA. He now has a few acres to keep an eye on and a warm cozy place to sleep. His new "parent" have fallen very quickly for his sweet charm.  This handsome boy deserved these great people and they are paid back with his corgi kisses often.  We are thrilled for Rusty and his famly,



Bailey - Adopted October 3, 2010


Bailey has made his way to a wonderful new life in Queens NY with Stephanie and Christopher. Pretty soon he will be spending time at the local dog park and taking exciting walks around his new neighborhood.  Have a happy life you handsome boy.  We all will be sending you the best of corgi vibes.  Update 1/2011:  We just heard from Steph and Chris, they all will be packing up and heading for greener pastures on Oregon soon.  Happy trails to you!



Daisy - Adopted September 12, 2010

Courtesy Posting for Little Legs Rescue in CT

Daisy has found herself a wonderful new home.  Way to go Daisy!

Bennie - Adopted August 23, 2010

Bennie is in corgi heaven! He is the happy co-owner of a 200 acre farm in western Massachusetts that he shares with his new mom, Heather and his new corgi sister Eppe.  He is an energetic 9 y/o who is now learning to swim in his private pond and learn to tend to the horses. First he needs to learn not to growl at them, they are much bigger than he is!


All the best to you Bennie and Heather!


Riley and Oscar - Adopted June 20, 2010

These two are corgis are just happy as can be to be living with Gale in Saratoga County. They have plenty of green grass and a wonderful yard to play in.  They share their home with their new "big brudder" Harold who is Gale's service corgi.  Along with Harold, Gale will be working with them to follow in his pawprints to be service dogs as well. 

These two will be the town socialites and will be visiting town hall meetings, the library.  They sure will be getting around.

Update:  Gale passed away May 2012. Harold was waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge. 

Riley was adopted by a family member Peggy and Peter who is also a CRENY alumni with Caeden who is now a proud fur brudder!

Oscar was adopted by our Foster Coordinator Suzy and JC. Oscar while there only a few short days helped their own corgi Rogan who was very ill, cross the Rainbow Bridge. As a therapy dog, Oscar was right by Suzy's and Ginger's side to bring them joy.  He is an amazing boy and now has a new fur sister Ginger.




Boomer and Nikey - Adopted January 16, 2010

The Jersey boys, Boomer and Nikey are littermates and just love to be together. We are very happy that they had been adopted together and now live on a horse farm in Columbia County with Amy and Tom and their daughter.  Now if only Nikey will just learn to leave the cats alone, they will all be doing just fine.


Boomer and Nikey are just wonderful corgis and we are just so thankful to Amy and Tom for taking such wonderful care of them



Caeden- Adopted January 17, 2010

Caeden has found his heaven on earth thanks to Peggy and Peter for giving this incredible little guy a new life. Caeden came to us from an area shelter where he was surrendered by his family. Now Caeden has a loving family, a warm home and lots of visitors to greet each day. 


Have a wonderful and blessed life Caeden





Maggie Mae - Adopted February 15, 2010 -- Rainbow Bridge 2014

What a sweet ole gal Maggie is. At 10 years old, she has found herself a wonderful new "dad" and corgi sister Emily and is in Albany County.

Maggie has that special corgi sweetness that immediately finds a place in your heart. She knows no strangers and is happy to meet everyone.

We are sending good wishes and blessings to you.







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