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2005 to 2009 Adoptions

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Tigger (l) and Roxy (r) in 2006

Roxy - Adopted September 17, 2005

Roxy was my first owner surrender and adoption. She is a special little girl who will hold a sweet place in my heart. She is enjoying her forever home in western Pennsylvania with Regina and her new corgi sibling Tigger.  She is having one happy life.

Wilson - Adopted February 6, 2006

Wilson is a special little guy. He has found a great forever home near Boston, MA with Gayle and Stephen. Just look at that handsome guy smile and the excited happy faces of Gayle and her son Matthew.  He is the only corgi at his new palace, I am sure he will rule his home with love, snuggles and lots of those great kisses.


Romeo (l) and Buddy (r)

Buddy - Adopted March 4, 2006

Buddy went home with Jared, Judy and their granddaughter Olivia.

Buddy has a new corgi brother Romeo, a handsome tri. They seemed to hit it off real well. We are sure that they will make a happy family.

Travis - Adopted March 10, 2006

Travis had a start in a Lancaster PA puppymill. He was rescued by a caring rescue group in Hornell NY who transferred him to Corgi Rescue of Eastern NY. Travis came to us a frightened, terrified little pup. In the couple of weeks with us he blossomed into a happy puppy. He looked to us with trusting eyes. He started to act like a puppy each day, and less like a terrified dog. 

Because he is so special, we knew that he had to be placed nearby and in a home that will appreciate him and show him lots of love. My daughter Lori fell in love with him and made him her own :o) Best part, he will visit often and I can continue to watch him grow.

Petey - Adopted December 20, 2006

Petey has found a wonderful loving home in Central Massachusetts with Craig. He will be the prince of the house since he is the only dog there. He does have 2 parrots to keep in line though. 

His furdaddy enjoys playing music and attending music festivals. I am sure Petey will learn to howl in tune. Happy life Petey.

Clyde - Adopted June 18, 2007

Clyde is one happy boy these days. He lives in Albany with a fantastic family. He has a big back yard to romp around in. He has a big ole lab next door dog neighbor to say hello to. His family is so happy to have such a loving corgi in their home again. Clyde is their third corgi over the years. When we were leaving on adoption day, he looked up at me and gave me grateful corgi kisses, darted up the top of the stairs and stood at the top, smiling a huge corgi smile as if to say.....YUP...I am home and thank you.


Maggie - Adopted October 16, 2007 (Rainbow Bridge July 7,2010)

Miss Maggie, Queen of the World and Princess of Everything found a wonderful home with Steve, Margaret and Ada near Schenectady NY. She is the ultimate Coach girl all decked out with her matching Coach collar, leash and coat. She will rule her new palace with the utmost of kindness. She will enjoy many walks and visit her new corgi neighbor.


Fergie - Adopted October 24, 2007

Was at Smithtown Animal Shelter and was a courtesy posting for the shelter. With a help from the corgi fairies at CRENY, he has found a wonderful new family on Long Island. High paws to Fergie.


Harley - Adopted October 26, 2007

With a new home comes a new name, Harley has varoooomed his way into the hearts of Donna and John. His new stomping grounds are north of Syracuse. He is taking long morning walks and learning to be a well behaved, happy little corgi.


Shorty - Adopted November 7, 2007 (Rainbow Bridge Jan. 2008)

Shorty had found a wonderful new home in the Albany NY area with his people mom Suzie. He was met at the front door by his happy new fur sister, 'Nilla. After the obligatory sniffing and getting to know you looks, They settled down next to each other with big happy corgi smiles. He looked right at home and even found a space on the bed at night. Shorty was a special ole guy who easily found a home in your heart. Rest well lil guy, we will see you at the rainbow bridge someday.



Dutch - Adopted February 9, 2008

What a wonderful life Dutch has now in Bennington VT with Gina and George.  He lives with a kitty sibling and they are deciding on the best way to co-habituate. It won't be long until they are best of friends. 


Dutch has bounced around a lot, but still loves every lap that lets him cuddle on.  I think this time Dutch has found a perfect home and he will be treated as the royal corgi he has always wanted to be.



Skyler - Adopted February 20, 2008

Skyler has a wonderful new home in the Albany area with his dad John who is a good friend our our family.  John is an active volunteer firefighter and I am sure Skyler is proud of him.  His new house has a great big back yard and is right next door to his human grandpa!  We send lots of happiness to Skyler and John and hope they will have lots of fun in their new home.

Lizzie - Adopted April 11, 2008 Rainbow Bridge

She was a drop off at a Long Island shelter. One of Corgi Rescue of Eastern NY's volunteers took her in and gave her a good foster home. A couple from Astoria, NY had an application with Little Legs made arrangement to meet her and feel in love. Now Miss Lizzie will spend her days as a happy girl with them. A happy ending for this poor shelter girl.

Maggie - Adopted April 10, 2008

Little Maggie came to us named Stella. She was a 6 month old who needed a new home. She found her way to the Rochester area and wiggled her way into Harley's unsuspecting heart.  He is growing to love Maggie more and more each day as he learns to share his happy home with her.  I can see may days of playing fetch and running the yard. Maggie will meet her new golden retriever pals real soon and take daily walks with them.  What a lucky little corgi girl she is to have Donna and John as her human parents.

Jolly - Adopted May 15, 2008

Jolly is a sweet mature princess that found a wonderful new home in Rensselaer County with Mike. 

She quickly found her way into his heart and made herself quite at home.  A bit overweight, she was regaining her girl corgi shape. And with all the walks Mike plans with her, she will be fit and trim real soon.

We were honored to have such a beautiful fluffy girl spend time with us. We know she is in a truly happy home.

Millie - Adopted March 14, 2009

Millie (formerly known as Nimue) has found her way to the heart of Manhattan! Look out doggie park, Miss Millie is taking over!  Millie has found a wonderful new mom in Laurie. Miss Millie is learning all about city life after being a suburban gal for 3 years. She is meeting lots of new dog friends at the city dog park and enjoying her new home. We are so happy for both Laurie and Miss Millie and wish them a long and happy life.


UPDATE: Miss Millie's mom just shared the wonderful news that she has completed and earned her Therapy Dog Certification!!! We are proud of you cutie!

Sophie - Adopted April 5, 2009

Sophie has found her happy forever home in Rochester NY with Joseph and David. This poor little girl found herself and her former owner homeless and in a bad situation. She is now living the life of a corgi princess. She will be the only pet in her new home and will be dotted on appropriately. We are so happy for Sophie and her new family. We wish them many happy years.


Rocky- Adopted May 30, 2009

Rocky found his new home in a quiet little town in Rensselaer County with Abbe and her 9 year old twins.  He is finding out what true happiness is these days. At his foster mom's home, he loved to play with all the corgis even though they had funny tails!  Rocky is a sweet 6 y/o boy who has a lot of love and joy to share. We are wishing him and his new family lots of corgi kisses and fun as soon as he settles in. 

Freddy- Adopted September 30, 2009 Rainbow Bridge

Freddy is in corgi heaven. He found his home in the hearts of Lindsey who traveled with him to Myrtle Beach.  Then he moved back to upstate NY with Lori (another CRENY daughter)  Fred and his new brother Travis were inseparable.  Fred helping Travis after an accident. Then Travis nursed him when he was diagnosed with lymphoma. Fred is rolling and frapping at the Rainbow Bridge. His goofy self is in our hearts forever

Summer - Adopted November14, 2009

Summer was a courtesy posting for Karen Smith. Summer found a wonderful home in the Albany area.  She is enjoying life as an only girl.

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