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Application Process

A completed Adoption Application must be on file for anyone wishing to adopt a corgi from Crgi Rescue of Eastern NY. Inquiries may be answered but the best way to find out if any dog will fit you is to return an application. 

The personality and temperament and needs of the corgi is the first consideration for placement. Those applicants on file are considered based on the individual needs of the corgi. We do not place on a first come/first served basis. Although you may have sent in an application for a particular dog, careful consideration is made for everyone one involved to assure a successful placement.  We want the corgi and it's new family to be equally content.  This is not a rejection of the applicant. Please understand and be patient.

All applicants will have a phone interview, veterinary and personal reference check, and a home visit before an adoption is approved.

An adoption fee and Adoption Contract will be required.  

All corgis will be spayed or neutered and current with all required vaccinations prior to adoption. Any medical issues will be addressed and any problems that are known at the time of adoption will be discussed and detailed. Corgi Rescue of Eastern NY is not responsible for any medical issues or behavior issues that may arise after the adoption. However, all adopted corgis are required to be returned to Corgi Rescue of Eastern NY for any reason and is clearly indicated in the Adoption Contract.

Transportation is not provided to the adopter. A location for you to meet and complete the adoption will be arranged with you at the time of approval for adoption of your new corgi friend.


Download in the Word/Rich Text formatted form

Directions:   Save a copy to your computer, know where you saved it. 

Complete the form and Save again.

Attach the form to your email and send to rescue@corgirescueeny.co

Download PDF format.  An online form filler available at Adobe Reader or PDF Filler